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Their attitude with regard to the payment of claims

The breadth and quality of the cover available from them

Their competitiveness

Their flexibility with regard to programme design

Their financial standing

Their service and administration standards

When selecting an insurer or reinsurer we consider the following:

All the benefits, right here

W Denis Europe has a broad number of (re)insurer relationships. We benefit from direct lines of communication with senior head-office personnel at the majority of the world’s largest insurers, including Lloyd’s.


As a professional insurance broker our relationship is to look after the  requirements of our client. We represent our client to get the best out of the insurance market. This journey begins with getting to know our client’s business, identifying the risks and how these matters are managed. We are experts at asking for the right information so that we can effectively communicate your needs to suitable insurers.

Insurance Broking 

W Denis procure wholesale competitive insurance solutions, working with a wide range of specialist markets.

Specialist Point 
of Contact

Vida Jarašiūnaitė

+370 520 58234

Binding Authority 

A world of local expertise gathered in one place for your convenience. Get exactly what you need from a specialist Lloyd’s broker.


Mitigate unanticipated losses with flexible and accessible reinsurance options tailored to a wide range of fields.

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