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Austrian banker loses US extradition battle over slush money fund


A court has ruled the former chief executive of an Austrian bank wanted by American authorities on money laundering charges and who claimed he was “lured” to fly his private jet to London leading to his arrest, can be extradited to the USA.

The London court gave the green light for the extradition on charges of bribery and money laundering involving Odebrecht, the Brazilian construction company.

Peter Weinzierl is the former chief executive of Meinl Bank - which later renamed itself Anglo Austrian AAB Bank - and is accused of helping launder hundreds of millions of dollars to pay officials through a slush fund.

The 57-year-old Austrian national insisted he should not be extradited for reasons that included his claim to have been "lured" to Britain in May 2021 by an alleged U.S. law enforcement agent.

However, Judge Paul Goldspring rejected Weinzierl's arguments and made it clear in a written ruling that the Austrian had not been lured to Britain.

David Pack, Weinzierl's lawyer, is preparing an appeal and described the ruling as "just another example of the UK courts buckling to the U.S. authorities abusing this country's extradition laws".

Weinzierl faces charges in New York for his alleged role in a massive fraud and bribery scheme involving Odebrecht, which changed its name in 2020 to Novonor SA, after it became synonymous with graft due to its role in Brazil’s Operation Car Wash investigation.

Originally an investigation into money laundering, it revealed wide spread corruption and bribery in return for awarding lucrative contracts. Odebrecht has admitted it paid bribes to governments across Latin America.

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