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This service complements the due diligence undertaken by lawyers and accountants. By providing bespoke corporate finance insurance and risk management strategies which can help to both remove obstacles and the chance of an impasse during corporate transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, management buyouts or buy-ins and public offering of securities.

Corporate Finance Transactions Insurance

W Denis provide expert assessment, opinion and risk transfer solutions to management teams involved in corporate finance transactions.

Aviation Industry

Biotechnology &
Life Science Industry

Charities/Not For Profit

Chemical Industry

Construction Sector

Contingency Risk

Specialist Point 
of Contact

Vida Jarašiūnaitė

+370 520 58234

Corporate auditing services

Provision of a professional critique of the target company’s incumbent insurance policies, highlighting onerous terms, conditions, gaps in cover and written recommendations to solve any deficiencies and bring everything into line with the acquiring company’s requirements.

Due diligence services

Checking documentation - including legal contracts - in relation to insurable exposures (for example outstanding tax liabilities, environmental liabilities, unresolved litigation and contingent financial risks).

Litigation Buyout Insurance

Companies facing litigation relating to significant underinsured or uninsured liabilities and complicated operational matters can, use LBOI to manage the exposure and transfer these risks off their own balance sheet to an insurance company. Threatened or pending litigation can create an impasse to a successful merger, acquisition or corporate transaction.

Public Offering of Securities Insurance

A range of covers for a company, its directors and officers relating to risks associated with the public offer or sale of shares in the company, such as: Allegations of misrepresentations about the company in the prospectus or elsewhere; Class actions alleging breach of securities laws; Complaints about diminishment of shareholder value due to adverse events or misplaced comments by directors; Liabilities to investment advisers

Special Situation Insurance

This takes a focus on disclosed contingent issues arising within the context of a wider merger and acquisition deal. Underwriters would want access to all the advice that a proposed policyholder had received in connection with the contingent risk. Taking issues already being litigated between two counterparties into account, underwriters would usually limit their involvement to scenarios where the proposed policyholder is the defendant in an action or any potential action.

Warranty & Indemnity Insurance

Cover for the breach of a warranty, or indemnity given by vendors, or others to purchasers of a company or business concerning the affairs of the company or business, including: Insuring the warrantors and indemnifiers for breach; Insuring the purchasers against the effects of a warranty being breached or an indemnity being triggered

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