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W Denis partner with chemical industry risk management experts and specialist underwriters who possess the knowledge, capacity and strong financial security required to survey, assess, design and deliver chemical industry insurance and risk management strategies.

W Denis Group recognises that the concerns of risk managers are no longer restricted to the uncertainty of a major product liability lawsuit, fire or explosion. That is why we offer solutions for the emerging risks associated with intellectual properties and counterfeiting, new environmental responsibilities and product recalls.

Also, with the increase in outsourcing and the need for continuous efficiencies, supply chains are under increasing pressure. A corporate reputation can be called into question if a company fails to supply a life-saving product, therefore a bespoke insurance and risk management plan must be designed to account for these priority risks. We can offer a new and innovative "supply chain" insurance which is an all-risks business interruption policy that isn’t restricted to property damage. This policy focuses primarily on incidents outside the insured’s control such as: political and country risks, cyber-attacks, failed communications with suppliers, and breakdowns in their just-in-time delivery strategies.

By employing professionally qualified staff and consultants who are experts in the chemical industry field, we can deliver innovative solutions, usually at a significant cost saving compared with other major chemical industry insurance brokers.

Chemical Industry

Many challenges are faced by companies operating in the chemical industry. Evolving regulations, a complex legal environment, diverse supply chains, globalisation and tough competition pose continuous problems for risk managers.

Chemical Hauliers

Chemical Industry Consultants

Chemical Industry Licensees/Licensors

Chemical Industry Manufacturers

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